PLANES member, Erica Bruno, presented at the Planning, Law, and Property Rights […]
PLANES member, Jarumi Kato, presented the application of a distributive environmental justice […]
Il Prof. Davide Geneletti ha partecipato all’evento organizzato da Club Alpbach Trentino […]
Davide Geneletti gave an invited presentation about the role of Nature-based solutions […]
Davide Geneletti participated to this seminar organized by DASTU, Politecnico di Milano, […]
Our PhD student Erica Bruno joined the 15th Alternet Summer School in […]
On September 16, PhD student Erica Bruno has participated in the “Urbanpromo […]
The PLANES members Davide Longato, Chiara Cortinovis, and Davide Geneletti participated in […]
The PLANES members Davide Geneletti, Chiara Cortinovis, Davide Longato, M. Susana Orta-Ortiz […]
Our PhD students Jarumi Kato, Susana Orta and Marta Crivellaro, launched on […]
On September 18, PhD student Jarumi Kato Huerta gave a presentation on […]
Planning Nature-based Solutions in Valletta (Malta) by analyzing citizens’ demand, spatial opportunities […]
A spatial environmental justice index to prioritise the implementation of nature based […]
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