Our PLANES member Francesco Sica is one of the winners of the “Premio Minerva”, launched by the Fondazione Roma Sapienza, which awards a merit mention to PhDs for their studies and significant contribution to scientific progress in their field of research.
Our PhD student Erica Bruno joined the 15th Alternet Summer School in Peyresq (France, Haute-de-Provence Alpes). Lectures included topics such as biodiversity loss and conservation, ecosystem services and nature’s contribution to people. The final group work focused on the socio-ecological system of the Upper Verdon region. […]
https://webmagazine.unitn.it/innovazione/98553/dalla-natura-soluzioni-per-la-sostenibilit-urbana On 29 September, ‘UniTrentoMag’ dedicated an article to the work of Davide Geneletti and our lab.The contribution highlights the benefits of green spaces for human wellbeing and our research activity to support urban planning in bringing nature to cities.
On January 7, 2022, SpringerNature will release the book Nature-based Solutions for Sustainable Urban Planning, edited by Israa Mahmoud, Eugenio Morello, Fabiano Lemes and Davide Geneletti. The book will provide insights on analytical methods, planning strategies and shared governance for successfully integrating Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in […]
The MOVE project is happy to share the promotional video to disseminate the main project results. The work developed during MOVE helped in the launching of the first steps for MAES implementation in European Union overseas regions, allowing them to meet the current challenges of ecosystem […]
On September 16, PhD student Erica Bruno has participated in the “Urbanpromo GREEN” conference presenting at the seminar proposed by the Italian association of estimate and valuation (SIEV): “Valori e Valutazioni per la transizione ecologica”. Erica’s contribution dealt with the planning instrument of Transfer of Development […]
The PLANES members Davide Longato, Chiara Cortinovis, and Davide Geneletti participated in the INPUT conference on 9th September 2021 with the presentation “Identifying spatial opportunities for Nature-based solutions planning in cities: a case study in the area of Valletta, Malta”.
The PLANES members Davide Geneletti, Chiara Cortinovis, Davide Longato, M. Susana Orta-Ortiz and Jarumi Kato-Huerta participated in the SURE conference on 7 and 8 July 2021. The contributions presented were: “Identifying suitable policy instruments to promote nature-based solutions in cities: a decision tree approach” by Davide Longato; […]
Our PhD students Jarumi Kato, Susana Orta and Marta Crivellaro, launched on the 20th of September the series of training webinars for the MOVE-ON Anchor Projects, starting with the case study of La Réunion. These training events are part of the University of Trento leading task […]
On September 18, PhD student Jarumi Kato Huerta gave a presentation on the event “Nature-based solutions for adaptation to climate change ” organized by the Nour Cultural and Environmental Association. The conference addressed the issue of the inevitable future impacts of global warming, and the importance […]
The ReNature team has launched an interactive and online toolkit to provide solutions to societal challenges by enabling decision-makers and practitioners to learn from actualised nature-based solutions (NbS) implemented in a Mediterranean climate. This platform is part of the ReNature compendium which contains in-depth information on […]
The Nature of Cities roundtable on the post-COVID-19 city features the PLANE’s project “Renaturing Marginal Public Spaces for People and Ecosystems”. This initiative aims at unveiling the potential of marginal urban spaces to become efficient Nature-based solutions that can contribute to citizen’s wellbeing and nature conservation […]
Davide Geneletti has received the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for his research work in the area of landscape planning. Award winners will be invited to do a research project of their choice in a German research institution to promote scientific […]
A new special issue titled “Market-based land-use tools for ecosystem services supply in urban and peri-urban areas” is available in Land Use Policy journal. Dr. Enzo Falco and Dr. Davide Geneletti are the guest editors. This Virtual Special Issue aims to cover empirical applications of tools […]
Planning Nature-based Solutions in Valletta (Malta) by analyzing citizens’ demand, spatial opportunities and policy instruments B10 – Designing healthier cities through understanding demand for urban green and blue spaces, and the context dependent benefits they provide, with tools and models
A spatial environmental justice index to prioritise the implementation of nature based solutions in cities Session O5 – Disentangling equity in ecosystem services