On Monday, April 8th, 2024, the Italian Community of Practice kicked-off with 42 participants representing diverse sectors, including associations and non-profits, the private sector, research institutions, and public sector representatives. This first CoP meeting focused on getting to know each other, finding cross-cutting objectives, and fixing how to operate within the community to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Participants were briefed on the SELINA project and CoP’s role and introduced to the “seeds of change” concept. The following discussion focused on aligning specific objectives and future activities with the CoP’s general theme on planning processes at various scales.

Via a Miro board (Figure 1), participants expressed their desire to establish a knowledge exchange network and interdisciplinary dialogue to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem service management. They prioritize analyzing decision-making processes to improve territorial planning, support policymakers, and seek collaboration for project cooperation and methodological innovation within the CoP. Key topics include climate change impacts, urban biodiversity, decision support tools, Nature-Based Solutions, economic valuation methods, and agro-biodiversity recognition. Desired activities encompass developing assessment methodologies, organizing seminars, creating working groups, compiling best practices, and promoting peer learning.

Figure 1 – Final Miro board used to collect the expectations, key themes, and relevant activities from the CoP participants
Figure 2 – Some of the participants to the kick-off meeting of the Italian CoP


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