Our research is grounded in sustainability science and brings together different fields, such as landscape ecology, planning theory, spatial analysis and impact assessment. We love inter-disciplinary and empirical research with a focus on urban and spatial planning, climate adaptation and environmental design.

Nature-based solutions for biodiverse, healthy and equitable cities and landscapes

We explore the potential of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to promote sustainable and resilient cities and landscapes. Current research keywords: performance-based planning approaches; criteria for effective NbS design; environmental and socio-economic impact assessment of NbS; environmental justice; NbS upscaling; NbS for urban marginal space; community gardens.

Ecosystem services assessment for
land-use decisions

We develop and test methods for mapping and assessing ecosystem services (ES), and using the results in real-life decision-making. Current research keywords: spatial analysis of ES demand and supply; ES in city planning; ES trade-offs and synergies; cooling capacity of green infrastructures; urban health and ES; urban forests; access to nature and green space. 

Climate change planning

We analyze the status of climate adaptation and mitigation planning internationally and identify suitable strategies for regions and cities. Current research keywords: multi-level climate planning; ecosystem-based climate adaptation; Mediterranean Europe; local climate plans; EU cities; climate-related ecosystem services, climate vulnerability and adaptive capacity in cities.

Transfer of Development Rights

We explore the potential of TDRs as a market-based spatial planning tool that promotes objectives such as urban growth management, land conservation, and open space provision. We assess the effectiveness of TDR practices, the spatial and legal conditions that allow for a successful implementation of TDR programmes and achievement of underpinning objectives.

Environmental Impact Assessment and
Strategic Environmental Assessment

We design and apply methods to increase the substantial effectiveness of EIA of projects and SEA of plans and policies. Current research keywords: GIS-based SEA; mainstreaming ES in impact assessment; linear infrastructures; SEA of spatial and urban plans; protected mountain areas; impact assessment of tourism activities.

Participatory planning and Multicriteria Analysis

We explore the use and impact of technologies such as collaborative mapping platforms, digital participatory platforms, and mixed reality on citizen participation and co-production in urban planning. We apply (spatial) multicriteria analysis to compare alternative options against different environmental and socio-economic factors in participatory planning contexts.