Courses offered at the University of Trento 

  • Ecological planning (MSc degree in Environmental Engineering). The course is an introduction to ecological planning and provides.
  • Nature-based solutions for sustainable cities (MSc degree in Environmental Engineering).
  • Introduction to Urban Planning – BSc in Civil Engineering. The course is an introduction to urban planning in Italy and the basic tool available to local administrators to govern urban development and redevelopment.  
  • Urban Planning – MSc in Civil Engineering. This course provides students with the knowledge to understand and interpret the development path of cities worldwide with a specific focus on the legislation and tools available in Italy to rethink past development and plan future urban (re)development.    

Courses offered at other institutions

  • MSc in City Resilience Design and Management, International University of Catalonia: Thesis Development, Writing and Supervision.
  • MSc in Environmental Management of Mountain Areas, Free University of Bozen: Landscape Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment .